Entering a brand new market can be difficult

A great way to reach many potential new customers in a previously unexplored market is to exhibit at a trade show in said new market.

A Swedish Intellectual property firm trusted Soliton Solutions with this grand task. We created a strategy, designed and built a booth, marketing materials and media relations for exhibiting at China largest technology trade show China Hi-Tech Fair.

Our client invested shy of $50000 in this endeavor. Two years later they have more new Chinese clients than they can handle with new ones contacting them all the time. They have made back their investment five-fold. This from only one exhibition in a previously fairly unexplored market.

To succeed you need a solid strategy

Our saying at Soliton Solutions is that;

Simply being there is not enough. You need to be the highlight of the show

Buzz and Hype at KIPa Booth CHTF 2019 Soliton Solutions PR

We designed the both with three things in mind, it needs to draw attention, it needs to provide sufficient information even for by passers, it needs to be able to close deals once someone enters the booth.

That's why we went with a color scheme that stood out from all surrounding booths, which went for the shows standard red, we went with a glowing lime green color, making the booth impossible to miss.

We put much weight into the information displayed so that when some walks by the booth they will instantly know what it's about.

And finally for when someone comes up to the booth to discuss the clients services.. They start at the podium where they get a brochure. If they are particularly interested we invite them into the meeting space we put at the back of the booth. A private space where you can discuss your needs and eventually for our client to close deals already at the show.

soliton chtf booth

Our method:


solitonsolutions infographic trade show marketing exhibition strategy

Want to exhibit with soliton Solutions PR?

We can help you pick the best trade show and then handle everything to make your exhibition a great one. We can make your exhibition covid friendly and look into all regional restrictions to make sure that the pandemic is not an issue for your exhibition efforts.

Get in touch with us and ask us what we can do for your business!

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Johny Krahbichler
Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is an exhibition specialist at Soliton Solutions and an experienced tech-journalist. Mr. Krahbichler's main expertise lies is in the consumer electronics industry as well as business & marketing strategy.

Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES to work with trade show exhibition marketing.