The industry standard for dialysis using B-concentrate is to deliver it by powder and create the dialysis fluid on-demand at hospitals. Unfortunately that isn’t the case with A-Concentrate. Which means huge shipping costs and troublesome handling.

Staymed has come up with a revolutionary mixer that solves this problem. It accomplishes this by using a special membrane to separate and eventually mix RO-water and powder containing the necessary ingredients needed for A-Concentrate..

So what does this mean? It means there’s no longer a need to transport heavy containers of pre-mixed A-Concentrate with an expiration date. Making it easier for medical personnel to perform dialysis on demand. Nurses will no longer have to carry heavy containers of A-Concentrate, doctors can tailor the fluid as they see fit right before treatment, and of course storage space and storage requirements such as temperature are reduced an incredible amount.

But more importantly with the Staymed system the carbon footprint of dialysis would be reduced up to 70%. With only the need to transport the powder bags the total weight of shipments will be reduced substantially. In addition to this hospitals no longer need to worry about expiration dates of the A-concentrate because the powders have an almost infinite shelf-life.

Another aspect of this is that the Staymed solution can be used in hard to reach areas where it was previously very difficult to transport A-concentrate to.

The potential market size for this is 1.170 Mio € globally – based on 390 Mio treatments pa. The market potential only in Europe is 470 Mio €. Currently Staymed is looking for partners and investors to help bring this life saving solution to market as soon as possible.

Staymed holds a patent for their solution and has also built a working prototype which you can see demoed in the below video.




Staymed AB is a med-tech startup based in Sweden and founded by inventor Per-Olov Carlsson in cooperation with patent attorneys Erik Krahbichler and Pär Hjalmarsson. They hope to revolutionize the dialysis market with A-Concentrate the same way that has been done with B-Concentrate..

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