April 2022: Goth GF (which features LA-based artist Zach DeGaetano) releases new single called “Excuses”, with featuring artist “The Ready Set”. The song’s listed writers are Zach himself, as well as Carter Vaughan, The Ready Set & Allie Crystal.

“Excuses” is a song about those nostalgic feelings you experience post breakup, reminiscing over all the good times you shared with your ex and seemingly forgetting about all the bad times and reasons as to why the relationship ended in the first place.

“Excuses” deals with just that, looking for excuses for a potential reconciliation with your ex-partner.

Despite dealing with what many people probably would consider a more serious, and difficult subject matter, the song itself is produced to have a lighthearted and energetic feel, to not take the subject matter (or themselves for that matter) too seriously.

The concept of the song was developed together with Jordan Witzigreuter, who’s part of “The Ready Set”.

“Excuses” is part of the first drop (of three waterfall releases) the group (Goth GF), will be releasing over the next few months, much like an EP (which normally consists of 3-5 songs). Except the group has decided to call them “seasons”, similar to that of a TV-show, this season is called “Ouch”.

“Excuses” will be live on April 29th, 2022, on all major streaming services, as well as YouTube.



The LA-based artist & songwriter who Zach DeGaetano has many accolades to his name, such as working with artists like Tate McRae (Zach plays Guitar & keys for Tate) and Shawn Mendes, as well as composing music for corporations like HBO, Disney, Target MTV, UGG, Hallmark and ESPN (just to name a few). He’s also the creator of above mentioned group “Goth GF” as well as the co-creator of American folk-pop trio called “WILD”, who signed with the Nettwerk Music Group in 2016, and together they achieved streaming success, by garnering more than 100+ million streams with WILD, across multiple streaming platforms.

You can find Zach on the following social media platforms:


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