Soliton Solutions - From the self-reinforcing soliton wave in physics.

What do we do

Trade show exhibition specialists

Soliton Solutions consists of creative people with varied experience such as journalism, design, and marketing. We will craft a unique strategy based on your product and budget to make your exhibition the most memorable and attention grabbing one.
We will design your booth and all accompanying accessories. We will come up with creative solutions that help your product stand out in the crowd. We also make sure you’re exhibiting at the most relevant event or trade-show to make sure you reach the right demographic.
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Want to be the one everyone is talking about?

We will make sure you make a lasting impression that will be remembered long after the event is over.

Diverse Experiences

Experiences with exhibitions


We have considerable experience both attending trade shows as well as exhibiting at them. We’ll use this experience to plan your exhibition to be as cost effective as possible.

Experiences in journalism


Our public relations manager has many years of experience working as a tech journalist. In his line of work he has covered some of the worlds largest tech shows, such as CES, CeBIT and IFA; conducting interviews, attending press conferences, and made product reviews. This gives us a unique perspective of what members of press are looking for at trade shows.

Viral Campaigns

Our head of marketing has experiences both with creating viral campaigns and how to handle the enormous stress that a successful campaign comes with. The best example is the ‘Creepy puzzle’ that he made public in 2015. He also has experience with managing social media and SEO campaigns.

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Featured in ITN Documentary ‘Slender Man Killings’


Our past experiences have resulted in a vast network of connections. We’ll both use this to help your campaign to succeed, as well as help you build an equally valuable network.


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