Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding our services.


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What makes you better than other Marketing firms?

What makes you better than other Marketing firms?

  • We are specialized in tech.
  • Zero mumbo jumbo. Our strategies are built on data, statistics and experience.
  • The best, and only PR firm that focus wholeheartedly on tradeshow exhibition marketing..
  • We use advanced measuring techniques to track your results so you know what you pay for.
  • You can effortlessly combine our specialized services with other more general PR firms if you already have a collaboration you are satisfied with.
  • Journalistic experience also gives us unique insight into what compels press to write.

What results can you expect?

What we can promise is that we will improve your exhibition results.

Your booth will be visited and seen by more people and your chances of media coverage will increase, this we can guarantee.

The final results depend on the marketing potential of the product in question. Because of this we only accept clients we think have good potential.

Actual results will increase exponentially depending on the scope of the campaign.

We employ various methods to measure results so you know exactly what you get. 

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How do you get those results?

Media coverage:

Our journalistic experience gives us insight into what compels press to write. We will push your unique selling points into the spotlight and maximize their chance of becoming a headline. Just being there is not enough, you have to be the highlight, otherwise you are wasting money.


Proven methods:

We work systematically, firstly identifying what you're trying to achieve and then finding the best solution to get there. We base our strategies on data, statistics and experience to get the best result possible.


Booth traffic:

Our specialists will optimize everything to maximize presence and engagement. you need to convince everyone who passes by that your booth is one of the most interesting places for them to spend their time at. And you need to think about how to push it even further by selling it to them. Perhaps at the entrance, or even before the event starts.

How fast do you deliver?

How fast do you deliver?

We deliver completed strategies in 2-3 weeks on average. For complete exhibition plans we need around 8 weeks.

We will set up a deadline with you based on the scope of your project.

If you want us to book the exhibition space keep in mind that you need to contact us as soon as possible to ensure that spaces are still available.

If you need immediate help with an exhibition we also offer counseling.

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the scope and individual needs of the project.

A strategy costs between 60k and 90k SEK or $6500 - $10k.

Our hourly rate for other work is 1500 SEK/h, $150/h.

Contact us for more detailed pricing information.

Why hire specialists?

The added effectiveness of experience and a specialized pipeline saves both time and money compared to hiring, training and educating your own exhibition team.

Where are you based?

We are based in Helsingborg, Sweden. We work internationally, as the trade shows will be be located all over the world travel will be necessary anyway. 

We will gladly come to you for face to face meetings.

However, we can also do meetings over Skype or phone conference.

Do you do advertisement? / traditional marketing? Etc

If you have a marketing department currently taking care of that we prefer to cooperate with them to incorporate your trade show marketing with your existing advertising strategy. However, if your situation requires it we can create traditional marketing strategies to complement your exhibition.


We can do everything from press releases to ad campaigns as well but trade show and conference marketing is our field of expertise.