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Marketing and Advertising, though they sound similar they're really not.

Advertising is just a section of the larger game referred to as selling. selling encompasses complete conceptualization of a complete right from analysis to planning to advertising to sale. Advertising, on the opposite hand could be a element of the selling method that is nothing however conveyance the message through sort of mediums to market the merchandise.

Advertising is one in all the foremost vital element of a selling strategy and conjointly the most dearly-won. Advertising constitutes causation the message across the general public concerning your company, product or services.

It conjointly constitutes behind the scenes work just like the method involving formation of assorted ways and turning out with a right one to focus on the viewers. The strategy consists of coming up with things like putting ads, deciding what media to use, what time, frequency etc.

The advertisements are usually placed via mediums like tv, snail mail, newspapers, internet, emails, radio, magazines, mobile electronic communication, flyers, billboards etc. the foremost fashionable one is in fact tv though advertising on web is changing into more and more popular too.

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Easiest way to differentiate marketing from advertising and marketing is to consider advertising as a cake and if you cut the cake, marketing as one of the portions of that cake.

The other portions of cake are market lookup of the product, product designing, media planning, PR, product pricing, purchaser satisfaction, client support, sales and many more.

All these elements or pieces of cake ought to work independently however mutually in achieving the bigger intention i.e. promote product and construct company’s recognition in the market. Marketing is a marathon technique involving many tasks that involve hours occasionally days of research.

The lookup part of advertising takes the longest period as it involves completely understanding the conduct of people toward a product.

Designing the product and growing advertising strategy is additionally a time ingesting process. Only elements that take less time are executing classified ads and sales. Marketing can additionally be perceived as a medium between customers and the company.

But many businesses often make the mistake of confusing advertising with marketing. 

In advertising, they attempt to copy large firms like Coke and Pepsi, but they merely overlook the job behind it. For example, the classic example of this is the company logo.


Many business owners are hysterical concerning the logo of their company in their advertisements that they suppose that it'll merely herald the sales.

One ought to additionally keep in mind that these corporations pay fortunes on advertising, which a new start up business simply can’t do.

Rather than spending unnecessary money on branding your product one should invest money and time in communicating with the consumers so that they can address their expectations.



After building reputation and growing to a big size company one can think of these lavish ideas. Educating the consumers also helps as it will give them an understanding that you know what you do and are best at doing that.


Smart marketers are aggressive in approach instead of passive. They provoke reader’s minds by prompting them to try and do one thing instead of simply creating them knowledgeable of the merchandise. good marketers additionally bring home the names, addresses and phone numbers of individuals United Nations agency are extremely fascinated by hiring your company by using aggressive selling.

Thus having a good marketing campaign speaks a lot about the company and their products and advertising gives that finishing touch to the hard work done by the marketing people in selling a product.

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