Trade show marketing


A trade show is the only place where you can engage a huge amount of press, customers and other businesses very personally over such a short time.


It is probably the most cost effective marketing method out there. But very few know how to make the most of its potential…

Soliton solutions consists of creative people with experience in both journalism and design.

We will craft a unique strategy based on your product or service to make your exhibition the most memorable and attention grabbing one.

We also make sure you’re exhibiting at the most relevant event or trade-show to make sure you reach the right demographic.

We will design your booth and all accompanying accessories. We will come up with creative solutions that help your product stand out in the crowd.

Evidence based strategy

press conference trade show pr consultant speakerWe will work together with you to set goals for your exhibition. Then we gauge what kind of results you might see, as well as doing rigorous research and planning before the event; you need to know who will be there, exhibitors and speakers but most importantly the demographic of visitors.

As well as taking notes to go with all the business cards you will be showered with so you know who you should contact after the event and why. After the event we will measure the results and give you a full report.

A lot of people will see your product, but despite planning many of them will forget about it when the event is over. That’s why we put much effort in reconnecting after the event to maximize the result.

In the end, the most important part is to make a lasting impression and that is what we do best.

We can help you solve any marketing problem you may have. Our specialty however are our custom exhibition strategies.