Now I will let you in on a method that will boost your startup significantly. Whether your goal is increasing revenue, creating brand recognition, or just networking.

At this point your endeavor in creating a successful startup is looking promising. You’ve finished your project plan and received funding.

Hopefully you have dedicated part of your budget to marketing. If you haven’t your business will not take off.

You may have a certain idea what to do with that budget. However many startups don’t. They focus on the business side of things, and then they are surprised that no one is hearing about their wonderful products.

Traditional marketing such as ads are important. But rarely effective in the short term.

To get a considerable boost in your startups brand recognition you should exhibit at a well known trade show!

By doing that you will within a matter of days reach thousands of people.

You may gain powerful contacts that can be useful to your endeavor.

Attention from the attending press representatives can give you a huge advantage.

Getting media to write about you may be difficult without a face to face meeting, which is provided automatically at a trade show!

After only a few days your brand will be recognized by several key people. If you do things the right way you may end up with a lasting wave of press and interested parties.

That sounds easy enough right? Just put up a table and do a bit of show and tell. But if you do that you may end up going home disappointed.

Why didn’t as many people stop by your booth as the others? Why didn’t you get more than a single blogger to write about you? Sure seems like you wasted both money and time.

That’s because you’re getting lost in the crowd. There will be hundreds or thousands of exhibitors and they are all trying to be the highlight of the event.

We can help you reach your goals by optimizing your booth so that no one will want to miss it.

We will make sure you’re exhibiting at the right trade show. Otherwise you might end up reaching out to people with little interest in your business.

We have years of experience with with tech journalism and both visiting and exhibiting at trade shows. We know what both the media and customers are looking for and we will make sure you reach them.

We are experts at standing out in the crowd, and whatever your goal may be… to have media write about you, grow your network or sell to customers we will get you there!

We will make sure journalists get the information they desire and make sure they remember your company. That way they will write about you!

So what does this mean to you as a founder of a startup?

It means within only a few days you will have reached the same amount of potential customers as traditional marketing will do in the span of several months, for the same price!

This is the perfect way to kickstart your startup and create the buzz that all startups require to become successful.

Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss whether this is right for your business!



Author Profile

Johny Krahbichler
Johny (John-Erik) Krahbichler is an exhibition specialist at Soliton Solutions and an experienced tech-journalist. Mr. Krahbichler's main expertise lies is in the consumer electronics industry as well as business & marketing strategy.

Currently Johny is using his experience from covering trade shows such as the CES to work with trade show exhibition marketing.