2020 is going to bring big things, you just know it. Undoubtedly you have some pretty important events planned this year (trade shows and conferences to start), and you’re probably planning on some promo swag, too.  But what else is new? 

Better promotional items, that’s what. 

Marketing has evolved into more than just product sales – it’s about human experiences and how you can appeal and relate to your customers better. So how can you make the customer experience better? Give them what they want! When it comes to promotional marketing, things can get pretty cliché, or “so last decade.” 

Keep it trendy in 2020 with these 20 promotional items that everyone will love.

1) Book – You may have written an eBook at some point in your career promoting your business or education customers on a niche of yours. But have you thought about getting these printed as merch for your conference or trade show? An eBook-turned-merch is a great way to brand your company & showcase your knowledge while offering potential customers the opportunity to immediately learn about your business.   

2) Chargers/Power banks – Because there is always going to be someone who forgot theirs.   

3) Jute Totes- This eco-friendly tote is diverse enough for anyone to wear on a regular basis, and that offers you the free advertising you were looking for!  






4) Journals- The good go-to promo item. Journals last much longer than sticky pads or pens!  

5) Campfire Mugs – As the simplest iconic symbol for the great outdoors, campfire mugs turn thoughts from inside the office, to outside. And your customers will definitely thank you for that.  





6) Tradeshow Totes – Tradeshow totes say to your competition you’re not afraid to hold their pens and notepads while you shine.   

7) PopSockets – Because everyone will love you for thinking about their pinkies.  

8) Icam Covers – Honestly, not only is camera-hacking terrifying to imagine, so are accidental video calls. The majority of us who have been on an accidental video will agree. Nothing prevents those better than Icam covers!  

9) Desk Organizer- Anything that you can give away that will prevent people from having to make a trip to OfficeDepot is a win.  

10) Wine Tumblers – Because wine already has a ton of fans.  







11) Cooler Bags- Versatile in the office and at home, cooler bags will always be a good idea.   

12) Caps – This promo item is perfect for silk screening your brand on it and is very functional.   

13) Luggage Tags – Make travel less stressful by offering them luggage tags. Who knows, maybe your logo gets noticed internationally!  

14) Seed Packets/Plant Growing Kits -  Because you care about the environment and your customers, you also care about their hobbies. Showing your support for and encouraging gardening as a hobby is a great way to earn trust!  

15) Coasters for the Office or Car – These can easily accessorize every desk in your office.  







16) Spiral Notebooks- This traditional crowd-favorite will never die.   

17) Bluetooth Speakers – Your customers can now pair their newly-accessorized phones with this Bluetooth speaker. Trust me, they’ll love you for it. 



18) Wet Wipes for on-the-go – Wet wipes can be used almost anywhere, any time.  

19) Hand Sanitizer – Hand-shaking offers some of the best first impressions, but it can also offer a lot of unwanted germs.    

20) Small Travel Cases – For the Wet Wipes and hand sanitizer. Travel cases are an absolute necessity when traveling.  

Promotional items are about standing out from the crowd. Engage your customer’s senses by offering them functionality, fun and trendy! 

About Brumley Printing: Brumley Printing has been a family-owned business in Fort Worth, Texas for over 20 years. Their services include offset, stochastic & digital printing. With over 50 years of combined experience in the printing industry, Brumley applies their expertise and knowledge to their loyal customers through their printing services and a full array of marketing solutions.  


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