The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for most small business due to the Corona Pandemic. The event has caused a lot of dynamics in the business world and will continue to do so in the near future. But the Pandemic doesn’t not quite stop from the industry from getting more innovative. In this article, we’ll be discussing the trends in digital marketing that 2020 is looking forward to.

Below are the trends in Digital Marketing that you have to familiarise yourself as a small business owner with to be up to date with the industry changes in 2020.

Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing


People are using more social media than ever in the history of mankind. This is partly due to the lockdown caused due to Coronavirus crisis. As people are stuck in their homes, they are using social media to kill their boredom. It is at this time that people are starting to try out new social media platforms that they had not tried in the past. Twitter, which was facing a dip in its user engagement is now at its peak due to the Coronavirus chaos.

 You can expect businesses to use Twitter Marketing in their digital marketing efforts in 2020. This is especially good for small businesses to take advantage as they would have lower competition, which means lower advertising cost. 


So you can expect a boom in social beat usage in the post corona time as many people are signing up into new social media platforms which they will continue to use even after the lockdown is lifted. In Social Media, the users are consuming videos more than text and image-based posts. This is because of the advancement in internet speed and mobile technology. So video marketing is going to boom in the coming months of 2020.

Artificial Intelligence


Advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many major marketing platforms have already started testing products that use artificial intelligence to deliver the ads for their clients. The long term plan for most marketing platforms is to create a standalone product that can deliver advertisements depending on the audience targets purely based on artificial intelligence.

Google Ads Express is one of such products by Google that allows small business owners to enter their budget and target geography, then the platform delivers the ads in the best possible settings to provide the best return on investment using artificial intelligence. You can expect more artificial based products to enter into the digital advertising space.

Programmatic Advertisement


Previously if you wanted to show ads in properties that are associated with Google, like Google search, Youtube and more, you had to use Google Ads and if you wanted to advertise in BBC website, then you had to get in touch with the BBC advertisement department. But now with Programmatic advertisement platforms using on Ad delivery programmatic network, you can advertise in literally all of the digital ad spaces in the Internet.

Programmatic advertisements have started gaining momentum since the start of 2019, but it is expected to mature in the year 2020 opening up an ocean of opportunities.

Chat Bot Marketing


As a small business owner, it might be hard to invest in additional human capital. ChatBots can help you replace a human customer support representative. Chatbots are getting more complicated and responsive thanks to machine learning and deep learning.

Many companies have started building their own custom bot using Python programing language. In fact with a chatbot, your website visitors stay in your website for longer and interact with your chatbot more than a static contact us form. This greatly helps with the search engine optimization of your website as the average time on the website is increased and the bounce rate is reduced.

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