Finding a good press release distribution service can be difficult

You need to consider pricing vs reach, how many industries your selected service targets, the quality of their contacts.


To help you we have gathered the prices and features of some of the best Press release distribution services.

We only included services that send the press release out for you to real journalists.

Which beware, not all services that seem like they might actually do.

Businesswire charges $760 for the first 400 words in your press release for a US Distribution. They then charge $195 for every additional 100 words and an additional $95 for amplified visibility, engagement, analytics and measurement, that's automatically added in. How many they actually reach probably depends on what you pay as well. The only info available is that they have access to 100000 media outlets.

PRWeb is often suggested as the second best alternative to businesswire. The thing about PRWeb however, is that they charge extra to reach more of their list. And their cheapest option doesn't reach any journalists at all. So for the advanced package you will only reach between 60-90 outlets without paying extra. Having tried this service I can tell you that most contacts are just general tip emails to blogs.’s higher cost choice (Premium Plus with State Newsline – $579) does use traditional direct to journalist distribution, but is limited to a single US state!

For $150 you get basic distribution. This still includes sending of your release directly to 500 worldwide journalists.

The two pricier option for $400 and $600 promises to send your release to 1500 respectively 3000+ journalists, staff writers and editors.

These also include print media, blogs, and influencers.

The lists of countries and categories is long  and you also get published to a bunch of press release directories and pingservices.

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Noteworthy mentions

        1. prunderground - $50-$309 but covers only 80 sites + extra for PR copy
        2. eReleases - $299 per release, covers only USA
        3. GlobeNewswire - $300 minimum and depends on word count of PR.
        4. MyNewswire. You have to search for journalists and send out your release manually.
        5. Prowly. You have to search for journalists and send out your release manually.

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