Melbourne, Victoria based company Phonebot has announced an environmentally friendly way to find your next smartphone.

Phonebot’s Phonefinder is a tool that helps people find refurbished smartphones. Through a simple 3-minute process Phonefinder helps pick out a phone that is right for the customer. By gauging what condition, price point, and functionalities its customers are seeking; the Phonefinder is first of a kind innovative real-world tool that allows customers to narrow down their phones choices based on their usage preference and order it straightaway.


Whether people are looking for a phone that is precisely like a brand new one or if they are willing to compromise on things like scratches and missing accessories to reduce the price phone finder will locate a phone that is exactly what the customer is looking for.
If you’re not sure what type of phone your next phone should be, Phonefinder can help quickly answer that by asking things such as age and usage scenarios. Phonefinder then runs the answers through an affective algorithm and provides a number of alternatives.

And ofcourse, all devices accompany warranties like a new device so you can have ultimate peace of mind while rescuing a phone, that is perfectly good, from ending up in a landfill. These guys also ensure that all devices are thoroughly sanitized to make sure customers not only get a phone that looks great but is safe by today’s antiseptic standards.

Phonebot is a renowned name in the consumer electronic refurbishing industry with over 500,000 devices sold over a decade and countless more happy customers. They have a truly global and multinational omni channel business model with offices in multiple countries and a team of highly trained staff who successfully fulfill Australian consumer demand. Phonebot’s CEO, Mr Fahad, is a veteran of the mobile phone industry and an environmentalist at heart so we asked him what makes him tick.

“The world we live in is shaped by countless choices made by billions of people over time. Sustainable choices are not that hard to make at an individual level. Collectively, they can have a lasting impact on the ecosystem around us. Buying a refurbished device is not only a smart and eco-friendly decision, it’s light on the wallet too. It’s a no brainer really”

● Fahd Zafar Ceo of Phonebot

Bio: Phonebot was established in 2012 in Melbourne Victoria with the goal of reducing carbon footprint by prolonging the life of smartphones and sourcing phones locally. Besides corporate social responsibility, phonebot values wallet-friendly products. The first store opened its doors in 2012 initially with 2 staff members and steadily grew into an 8 member team by 2019. The second store is located in St Kilda, Victoria.

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