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[New York 2021-02-03] The Emerald Corp, an Herbal Supplements manufacturer based in New York State, has focused their recent efforts on new innovations in the supplement space.

Emerald entered the growing CBD market in 2018 and has spent the past three years broadening their product offering by combining popular cannabinoids like CBD and CBG with acclaimed herbal supplements to create a wide range of liquid supplements. In their GMP Certified Clean Room Facility, Emerald supplies hundreds of companies with White Label products such as CBD shots, CBD Topicals, CBD Edibles, CBD Tinctures and more. To keep pace with the constantly evolving CBD industry, Emerald Corp has set out to pioneer the Liquid Supplement market with a wide range of sublingual products.

Their team of R&D’s led by their head chemist Dr. Talha Parveez, PhD, have created a wide range of liquid supplements utilizing CBD as well as popular ingredients like Ashwaghanda, Turmeric, Arnica and many more. With sights set on emerging markets, Emerald has launched branded liquid supplement products in popular categories like Functional Mushrooms, and Apple Cider Vinegar. 

Why Liquid Supplements?

Liquid Supplements fill a major void in the daily supplement market. Giving customers the means to take a 1-2mL dropper sized dose of a liquid supplement opposed to a 12oz shake or a pill or capsule gives an added layer of convenience and is extremely attractive to consumers. Aside from convenience, Emerald has made major strides in advanced emulsion techniques to deliver supplements directly into the lymphatic system with lipid-based carrier oils like MCT and Hempseed Oil. In simple, liquid supplements that are administered underneath the tongue are delivered directly into the bloodstream. This offers a faster acting and longer lasting effect in comparison to edible products like gummies or pills that will be delivered through the digestive track and excreted.

Emerald believes that CBD oil has begun to refamiliarize consumers with liquid based supplements. They add a variety of natural flavors to make these supplements enjoyable to take. CBD is commonly used to reduce pain, anxiety and inflammation. Emerald’s R&D department has spent years studying how CBD works synergistically with other compounds to more effectively deliver these ingredients faster and with great benefit.

The Future Of Liquid Supplements

Emerald has launched a wide selection of branded CBD products infused with herbal supplements. Their product line SMACK’D – THC Control is a CBD oral spray with Black Pepper Oil, Frankincense and Peppermint that was created to control THC induced paranoia. Paranoia and anxiety stemming from consumption of THC products has become a common side effect as new strains of high potency products become available on the market. This lifestyle branded product is supported by thousands of testimonials and it has quickly become one of their flagship products.

As Emerald continues to diversify their offerings, they have ventured into other emerging markets, producing two new flagship product lines that have no CBD or Cannabinoids. +Shrooms (PlusShrooms)
is their response to the exploding functional mushroom market. A line of oil based, flavored mushroom extracts that fuses Mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga and Lion’s Mane with herbal supplements like Raspberry Ketones and Elderberry. Their second venture outside of CBD is with their new line of Apple Cider Vinegar tinctures, Fuji Nutrition. This line combines the almighty Apple Cider Vinegar with a variety of vitamins, herbal ingredients and natural flavoring, to create yet another line of products with a clear first to market advantage. 


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